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Since its stupendous growth in the 2000s, affiliate marketing has positioned itself as one of the best means to drive sales processes or acquire additional revenue. Being an excellent source of passive income as well, it seems like this strategy is a win-win. That’s why we prepared a list of the most essential affiliate marketing statistics to get you up to speed.

The FTC reminded affiliates that the FTC would hold them personally and financially accountable for false or unsubstantiated marketing claims. Affiliate marketing technology has changed in recent years away from using affiliate network sites. More often, marketers now look to complex tracking when choosing the right affiliate solution. There is a new SaaS based performance-based partnership, which Refersion found the preferred model of 73% of their respondents, rather than affiliate networks.

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

So 1 out of 10 ecommerce sales in the world happen because of the good practices of successful affiliate marketers. Global affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry is currently estimated to be worth $12 billion. Another proof that affiliate marketing is becoming a massive global industry is that digital media have no problem allocating 15% of their revenue for it. Mobile devices are bringing an ever-increasing amount of affiliate-referred traffic, according to mobile affiliate marketing statistics. More than 50% of it comes from mobile platforms, on the back of the rapid and continuous development of digital technologies and smartphones.

  • Affiliate marketing industry trends show that fashion accounts for 23% of all affiliate programs and is the leader in the industry.
  • Content creators want to know how to make money through affiliate marketing.
  • Nowadays there are eCommerce website builders that very much simplify the process.
  • The top affiliate marketers show strong favoritism towards ShareASale which leads the market share with 55.7%.
  • As an affiliate publisher, you’ll have more opportunities to join these in the future.
  • The percentage might seem insignificant but if you compare it to the rates of other marketing techniques, the number is quite solid.

Obviously, with the widespread use of mobile devices, the pool of people ready to use them to purchase goods and services is also rising. Since it requires little to no investment, affiliate marketing is incredibly popular among branding agencies and publishers alike. Advertisers only pay for what they get, as it is a form of marketing based on performance. Brands around the world have become so dependent on affiliate marketing that 8 in 10 brands run such programs. Second, more publisher models recognized the benefit of affiliate and began embracing it as a valuable income stream in 2020.

How Apple’s iOS 17 update affects affiliate tracking

The fastest-growing product category for affiliate marketing is toys, with 109% growth in the last year. If you run a popular fashion website, you’ve got a lot of affiliate programs to choose from. Many changes to consumer behavior are likely to continue beyond the pandemic. This is a great time to build your following and start earning money through affiliate marketing. If you’re one of the people searching this term, take a look at this list of affiliate marketing tips. The article references Kinsta’s affiliate system, but you can use the advice with any type of affiliate link.

Again, this is likely to be an effect of Covid, with people taking on projects at home instead of traveling. This continued in 2021, when US users searched for ”affiliate marketing” 1,305,226 times. With all that in mind, we can expect affiliate marketing to continue as an important aspect of the online shopping sphere. I’ll leave it up to you to piece together useful data to refine your affiliate marketing strategies. Hopefully, the statistics I collected above will answer some of the questions you have about affiliate marketing. Better yet, they may help you devise foolproof action plans that will up your affiliate marketing game.

Amazon Associates Remains the Largest Affiliate Network Despite Changing its Conditions in 2020

Since 2010, this number has been increasing gradually and it amounted to just $1.6 billion in 2010. Affiliate marketing facts and stats reveal that nearly half of online marketers believe that affiliate marketing skills are a must-have for anyone hoping to build any sort of online career today. Next on the list of essential abilities comes mobile marketing, followed by digital strategy, and integration planning. There are more and more affiliate programs for subscription-based products and services.

affiliate marketing industry report

On the other hand, affiliate marketers who earn the most, make $155K per year. As the Glassdoor’s data indicate, it’s even possible to make $284K per year, which sounds almost impossible. Around 65% report they are happy with the fruits of their investment while affiliate marketing stats reveal the size of their annual revenue ranges from 5% to 20%. More good news is that 60% of large merchants generated affiliate marketing earnings amounting to $5 million or more by investing smartly in the right affiliates. And all this happened after dedicating 5 years to this type of marketing. Affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry generates around 16% of all ecommerce sales globally.

Retail market in the United States

However, it very much depends on the product, with affiliate commissions varying from 20-70%.’s partnership management platform enables brands to engage with individuals for influencer and affiliate marketing. Other new affiliate marketing platforms, such as ShopyMy, are also raising Series A funding in 2022, with approximately $8 million raised. Welcome to the inaugural Influencer Marketing Hub Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report. We began conducting our annual Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report in 2017, and have since added various other benchmark reports, highlighting different aspects of online marketing since then.

affiliate marketing industry report

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