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The company seems on path of meeting its revenue guidance of 15% in FY23. The stock of ITC has generated a healthy growth in the past year but considering its diverse products and scope of growth the stocks still appear attractive. There was intense price-led competition happening in the gold loan market where players were offering enticing teaser rates to attract consumers. This however has been stopped by the gold financiers from the past two quarters.


By the conclusion of FY23E, BEL intends to demerge its low engineering and project operations in order to simplify its organizational structure. Long-term benefits for the company include excellent balance sheet health, strong growth in the consumer products sector, and business profile restructuring. It is the weighted average of various intrinsic values by different methodologies. It is important for an investor to see which valuation technique best applies depending on the company’s business model.

Transport Corporation of India

P/E top tips for picking a winning mutual fund is the ratio of the market capitalization to the annual earnings. EV/EBIT is the ratio of enterprise value (market capitalization + firm debt – cash) to earnings before interest and taxes. P/B ratio is the ratio of the market capitalization to book value. One must note that different sectors may have different sets of ratios that may help understand the valuation better. A stock is called undervalued when the selling price of a security is lower than that of its intrinsic value.

  • Bayer Cropscience is an Indian subsidiary of Bayer AG, world’s largest pharmaceutical and life sciences company based out of Germany.
  • Here are few metrics which we can look for, in order to identify these Gems in the stock market for Long term investing.
  • Only 1 of the 30 companies in the portfolio of DSP Value Fund had pledged shares of around 2%.

Financials of Bosch have fluctuated to a great deal in the pandemic years which has had an impact on the long-term averages. Revenues currently stand at same levels where they were five years ago while profit has declined marginally. Coming to valuations, CRISIL is currently trading at a PE multiple of 55 and a price to book value of 21.2. As far as stock performance is concerned, the share price has seen a run-up in recent weeks. Coming to valuations, Supreme Industries is currently trading at a PE multiple of 44 and a price to book value of 9.2.

Under Invest

While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated on our site may differ from actual numbers. Formerly known as Cadila Healthcare Limited, Zydus Lifesciences Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical firm with its headquarters in Ahmedabad. Its primary business is the production of generic medications. Zydus continues to improve with an unwavering emphasis on addressing the unmet healthcare requirements to prove its corporate identity. Agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, and chemical intermediates are all produced and sold by UPL Limited, aka, United Phosphorus Limited.

Its presence in the domestic market is primarily fueled by the edible oil and maize processing industries. The edible oil business produces 38% of overall sales, compared to the maize processing unit’s 56%. In November 2022, the Indian stock market reached a record high, and the upward trend persisted into December. Also, the government spending on infrastructure will continue to drive the company’s performance. An infrastructure development company, Ashoka Buildcon is engaged in building highways, bridges, power transmission and distribution infrastructure on EPC basis. The government’s thrust on infrastructure and road development projects are key triggers for the industry going forward and will help companies like Ashoka.

Kickstarter Helped These Entrepreneurs Build The ‘World’s Strongest’ Super Soaker

Identifying undervalued sectors first, then choosing the top stocks inside each undervalued sector, is the best strategy for finding undervalued stocks. Here are a few calculations and formulas that you should keep in mind while studying the fair price of the stocks and analyzing the stocks from a quantitative viewpoint. The median sales increase for the company over the past ten years is 16.2%. The company has consistently paid out a hefty dividend of 24.5%. Although shortlisting undervalued companies is difficult, most undervalued stocks in India can be sifted out using valuation multiples and in-depth fundamental analysis.

Value traders are often reluctant to invest in power, steel, and infrastructure companies because of their high debt loads. Companies with steady growth and low debt are profitable and generally carry undervalued stocks. Some useful valuation techniques are used to compare stocks from the same industry and analyse if it’s over or under valued. Relative valuation multiples such as P/E, P/B, EV/EBITDA, P/S are famously used.

Undervalued Utilities Stocks for 2023 – Morningstar

Undervalued Utilities Stocks for 2023.

Posted: Wed, 05 Apr 2023 18:49:41 GMT [source]

Unless the company is experiencing a severe financial crisis, low market value compared to book value is generally considered a sign of good undervalued stocks. This may concern some investors, but it may also be a sign that the company can withstand challenging market conditions thanks to the funds set aside for dividend payout. Investors can purchase this stock and start receiving dividends immediately if other factors demonstrate that the company is not in immediate financial danger. Investors are always looking for the stocks which are not only undervalued but have strong fundamentals. Shares and stocks which are undervalued but have very strong financial fundamentals are likely to provide very huge return on investment in the long term. In this article we will discuss about top 10 most undervalued stocks where investors can invest for long term and make huge profit in the long term.

Stocks with a market value lower than their true value are called undervalued stocks. Stocks are called undervalued, overvalued or fairly valued based on their valuation multiples (P/E ratio, PEG ratio, EV/EBIT, etc.) or based on their business’ expected value . If a company’s D/E ratio is too high, it may be a sign of financial distress and reliance on heavy debt to run your daily business activities. But if it’s too low, it’s a sign that your company is over-relying on equity to finance your business. Hence, it is important that a company manages to strike a good balance between the two whilst keeping its books intact. It would be reasonable to compare a company’s D/E ratio with its industry peers and industry average to know the overall scenario.

The industry is also overcrowded, making it difficult for companies to maintain high margins. The sales and profits have grown at a CAGR of 7.7% and 13.3%. The organised apparel segment is to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 13% over a ten-year period. The company manufactures premium quality compact and elitwist cotton yarn used in hosiery and weaving. It is an established textile player in the international and domestic yarn market, with exports constituting over 60% of its revenues.

Assurant offers specialty insurance products, including homeowner insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and solar project insurance. Apollo offers higher educational programs and services both online and on-campus at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. This multinational company offers a variety of insurance plans in about 130 countries.

Step 1. Reduce The Number Of Stocks To Select From

Value investors duly wait for market conditions which will render the market price of a stock below its intrinsic value. These investors follow the principle that if they can purchase a share at a discounted price, where they procure a similar product, why should they purchase it at its face value or higher. The process of investment in undervalued stocks is known as value investing. It was pioneered by Benjamin Graham and later followed by his student and protégé Warren Buffet. Consumer stocks, such as Bata, could be an outlier stock for FY24 as the flight to safety increases people’s need for staples. The downside includes potential short-term headwinds such as concerns surrounding inflation and the US economy, but long-term investment remains intact.

The 7 Most Undervalued Nasdaq Stocks to Buy in April 2023 – Nasdaq

The 7 Most Undervalued Nasdaq Stocks to Buy in April 2023.

Posted: Tue, 04 Apr 2023 11:15:00 GMT [source]

It involves finding fundamentally strong companies with a potential for long-term growth. These are the stocks that are valued at a lower price than their intrinsic value. Undervalued stocks present an opportunity to purchase shares at low prices and earn profits in the future. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of undervalued stocks and the top 10 most undervalued stocks in India.

sales growth

The company is one of the leading wood and agro-based paper manufacturers in India, with a fully integrated manufacturing setup. The company’s leading position and growing demand for chemicals have expanded its business in the past five years. Equitymaster’s powerful BSE/NSE Stock Screener allows you to screen stocks based on both pre-set and your own criteria. Here’s a list of Indian stocks that could qualify per Joel Greenblatt’s criteria… Here’s a list of Indian stocks that could qualify per Warren Buffett’s criteria… Some of the most commonly used valuation ratios are the Price to Earnings ratio, Price to Book Value ratio and Price to Sales ratio.

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